Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trying to be a smartie pants sometimes gets you in trouble!

I thought I would channel my inner Martha Stewart and bake some chocolate scrolls for the kids this week. My boys have an excursion so I thought they would enjoy an extra treat as they went about their day.

I halved the dough recipe, as the original recipe makes a stack load of scrolls. Adjusting a recipe can sometimes turn out in the negative but luckily the dough turned out perfect.

Rolled out my dough, spread the butter; scattered sugar; liberally, and I mean liberally, scattered choc chips and choc melts; rolled the dough up; cut them and placed them in the baking trays.

Everything going well.

Have a chat to Hubby on Skype while the scrolls are cooking. Interrupt the conversation to pull my baking out of the oven.

In a need for praise I take my hot, fresh scrolls into the study to show Hubby my handy work....he's drooling...I'm beaming...

Everything is good.

Turn around to take my hot buns (pun intended) back to the kitchen..............

Sleeve gets caught on the door know where this is going!!

Scrolls up-end themselves onto the floor.........

Quickly I try to save them, but unfortunately they are barely recognisable.......

Luckily I have another batch baking in the oven and I didn't feel half as guilty about eating the "unedible" ones that evening!!

Have you had a food disaster like this before?

P.S. they tasted as good as they should have looked.
P.P.S. I said a few choice words , it's only natural


  1. They look great Kristie, where is the recipe please????

  2. The rolls look delicious. Glad you had another batch. As for me, I can totally relate. Once I was trying to take a sheet of cookies out of the oven and ended up overturning the whole thing. Luckily, I had more baking as well.

  3. Ya know, you guys are really amazing! Every time I peruse this blog, I"m like, wha??? You ladies are so so good at this stuff. So jealous!

  4. I had never thought of adding chocolate chips to cinnamon rolls. I'll have to try it.


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