Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tarragon & Lemon Chicken

So I haven't flown the coup (chicken pun intended!) just was on a little blogging hiatus, but I'm back.

So the other week my soon to be sister-in-law flew into town for the weekend and so the family got together for an evening of food & movies.

As evenings go there are always highs and lows ~

Highs: everyone around / cousins causing havoc / conversations going on everywhere / food, and lots of it

Low: stupid movie

Luckily the highs out numbered the lows and made for a very enjoyable evening.

So on the night I made Tarragon & Lemon Chicken.

This is a dead easy recipe and is perfect if you need to feed a large crowd.

Tarragon & Lemon Chicken


All herbs are fresh

1/4 C Tarragon leaves
1/2 C Flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
1/4 C Thyme, roughly chopped
2 Lemons
2/3 C Virgin Olive Oil
Salt to season
8 Chicken drumsticks

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius
  • In a medium bowl combine the herbs, olive oil, zest from the two lemons and the juice from the lemons, and a pinch of salt
  • Place the chicken pieces in a roasting pan and liberally spread the herb marinade over the chicken
  • Cook the chicken in the oven for about 40 - 50 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked
  • There is nothing like the aroma of fresh herbs, but if you don't have them available dried herbs would still work but not in the same quantities.
  • Use drumsticks or thigh pieces, whatever is your personal preference.
  • This marinade can be easily increased to accommodate 10 pieces of chicken or 20, depending if you're feeding the neighbourhood or not.


  1. was a good night & chicken was awesome. but I have 1 low to add...... jelly & carrot!!! even the kids couldnt be fooled :)

  2. How could I forget Jelly & Carrot - Where did we get our cooking skills from.........maybe the milkman!?!?!?


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